The First PhD Thesis Competition of ODSIE 2023


In order to encourage young scholars as future professionals to do research on Optimization and Data Science and create vitality and research dynamics, the best doctoral thesis in Industrial Engineering and other related fields will be selected and introduced during the 1st International Conference on Optimization and Data Science in Industrial Engineering. Since optimization and data science are naturally interdisciplinary, all graduates of Industrial Engineering, Management, Economics, Computer Engineering, Manufacturing and Production Engineering, Financial Sciences, etc. can participate in this competition. In this regard, it will be helpful to consider the conference topics listed on the front page of the website. Participating in this competition is also not limited and students from all countries/universities can be considered as potential  candidates.


How to Select Top Thesis

The referee committee of this award includes outstanding internal and external reviewers and the measures of evaluating the thesis are:

  • Theoretical creativity and innovation
  • Applicability and practicability
  • Proper and coherent structure and fluent writing
  • Sufficient and relevant literature review
  • Research methodology


The Best Thesis Is Selected as Follows:

Step 1. Investigating and evaluating the theses and documents by the jury in the relevant forms.

Step 2. Selecting and introducing 4 to 6 premium theses for the final stage.

Step 3. Oral or online presentation of the best theses leaded up to the final stage with the referees attending the special panel of the PhD thesis award during the conference.

Step 4. Selection and introduction of the top thesis by the referee Committee.


Competition Conditions

  1. There is no restriction on the applicant's field of study, but a thesis relevance on optimization and data science is essential.
  2. All doctoral thesis with a defense date ranging from January 1, 2021 to September 1, 2023 can be participated in this competition.


Required Documents

  1. Extended abstract in English, in 2 - 4 pages.
  2. The recommendation of thesis supervisor in English, including the defense session date, review of the researcher's abilities and some details about the thesis’s achievements (including articles, applicable results, prizes, patents, and other achievements).
  3. Other related topics, as needed, including the file of papers derived from doctoral thesis.


  • Above mentioned documents must be sent to the following e-mail addresses in PDF format before 20 October, 2023.
  1. Saliha Karday─▒ Üsta: [email protected]
  2. Emre ÇAKMAK: [email protected]
  • In the subject of e-mail, please write “PhD Competition-ODSIE 2023”.


Granted Awards

Awards granted to top doctoral theses are:

  • Official certificate for all theses led up to the final stage
  • Free participating in the conference for all theses leaded up to the final stage
  • Gift package

PhD Thesis Award Board


Dr. Saliha Karaday─▒ Üsta 

Istinye University, Turkey



Dr. Emre Çakmak

Istinye University, Turkey